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About us

The company was originally set up in 1957 by Sir Hassan Jaberansari. He initially set up the company as Pars Lighting and quickly became a sensation and soon expanded to becoming the largest lighting multi store in his country and was named as the Grand Pars Lighting. Sir Jaberansari and his sons broadened their horizon and started trading with the world, with over 60 years of experience at trading in the Middle East with USA, Canada, Europe & Africa.

His son Mr Mohsen Jaberansari, who has a PhD in Manufacturing, carried on this family business and started its new empire in Britain under the umbrella of Luminer Light Ltd. Luminer is currently situated in Manchester and is looking to expand further in North West in the coming year.  

We pride ourselves in offering some of the most luxurious chandeliers and stylish spotlights available in the UK. All our unique designs ensure our customers make their purchase with full confidence in the quality and rarity of the gems available at Luminer. We confidently boast the largest range of sleek and stylish crystal and ceramic spotlights in the UK at truly unmatchable prices, aimed at both retail and the trade.

As Luminer is involved from start to finish, as the designer and manufacturer, we are in the perfect position to offer all our exclusive products at truly sensational prices. By both importing and exporting, we are a global company which has no limits and strives to provide the best quality products at the best price!

Luminer provides personal customer experience and ensures that all customer requests are fulfilled. Since Luminer has control over the whole process; from designing the light to delivering it to the customer, we are able to produce one-off exclusive lights at any size and design if requested from the customer.

Luminer Collection provides a wide range of elite home products, especially placing its focus on exclusive designer lighting. The company works alongside with many of the biggest UK home companies; namely Luminer Light Ltd and Searchlight, in order to ensure we provide the best quality products in the market. We provide personal customer experience and ensure we surpass all the needs our customer has. 

Luminer Collection aims to provide in the near future the UK’s largest home online store, where the customer has access to any accessories and products for their home in just a matter of a few clicks. In order to make the customer gain the same personal experience as they would when shopping in store, we promise to get back to any customer within less than 12 hours.

Where Luxury is a Lifestyle!